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Case Study: Madai Bank Auditorium


Client Name: Madai Bank Auditorium, Kannur

About Client: MADAI co-operative Bank is one the most successfully running co-operative bank in Kerala.

Project Brief: The Bank’s Board of Directors decided to construct a multipurpose auditorium with 1100 seating capacity in Payangadi, Kannur District of Kerala. The auditorium has been designed by Kannur-based architect Mr Madhukumar, who approached AWAN India, considering our vast experience in providing audio solutions for auditoriums across India since 2007. AWAN took the challenge to provide the Sound, Professional Stage lighting and ambiance LED lighting.

Product USP:
As per Calicut-based Sound Consultant Mr.Rajamani’s suggestion, AWAN provided distributed audio solution with 12 inch FOH speakers, 18 inch subwoofer, 8 inch wall mount speakers. For professional stage lighting, we have used 3W LED PARs with automatic DMX control to cover the entire stage. We have also installed Cosmetic LED lighting for the entire auditorium, 20 units of 2×2 along with 59 units of 6 inch down lighters to give a luminance[lx] of 200.

Audio Visual equipment installed in the auditorium included ITC PA’s Multipurpose Speakers (TS-12) in FOH, DB Sound’s subwoofer speaker (SB-18), ITC PA’s Monitor Speakers (TS-10), ITC PA’s wall mount speakers as delay speakers (T-778) which were integrated and connected through BBE Sound Digital Signal Processor which consists of 2 input 6 output from which all the outputs left, right, left surround, right surround and subwoofers are integrated through DS-26.

All the microphones in the auditorium are connected to the ALLEN & HEATH ZED mixer, from the mixer left and right output go though the DS-26, power amplifiers to the speakers to achieve the best optimized sound setup for both speech and cultural performances. All the cabling for audio and visual system has been done using high quality Krystal cables.


Challenges: Since Kerala has frequent electrical failures, the bank Secretary Mr.Ravindran was very clear about LED fixtures for lighting, which has been implemented.

System Integrator: AWAN India Pvt. Ltd.
Founded in 2007 by experienced hands from audio-visual industry, AWAN India Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based system integrator with rich experience in providing turnkey conference and audio visual solution for corporate, education and government institutions.

Quick Facts:

List of products used Description
ITC PA / TS-12 FOH Speakers
DB Sound   SB-18 Subwoofer Speakers
ITC PA    / T-778 Delay Speakers
ITC PA    / TS-10 Monitor Speakers
TOA / WS-200 Wireless Handled Microphone
TOA / WS-300 Wireless Lapel Microphone
TOA / EM-800 Gooseneck Microphone
TOA / DM-1300 Wired Microphone
DB Sound    / DB-900 Power Amplifier
DB Sound    / DB-900 Power Amplifier
DB Sound   / DB-600 Power Amplifier
ITC PA     / T-240 Mixer Power Amplifier for delay speakers
BBE Sound / DS-26 BBE Sound DS-26 2 input 6 output
ALLEN&HEATH / GL2400 Mixer
3W LED Par LED Par for Stage Professional Lighting
2×2 Immaculate 34W 2 feet by 2 feet squire fixers
HALO 18W 18W Halo down lighter
LED Stripe RGB With Automatic LED Stripe

Clients Testimonial:
Delighted by the highly controlled and even coverage across all audience areas, Mr.Ravindran appreciated AWAN team for the performance of the audio, video and lighting solution. He congratulated Mr.Prasad E.S. (AWAN) and Mr. Sreenath (AWAN) for the professional design and support during the entire installation process.

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