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Case Study: M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology


Client’s Name: M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

About Client:
M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology was started in 1962 by the late Dr. M.S. Ramaiah, the founder Chairman who was a renowned visionary and philanthropist. NBA accorded accreditation to all the major departments of the Institute for their UG programs. The institution was planned to address the shortage of talented engineering professionals in India, and impart quality education at affordable cost. MSRIT has obtained certification for compliance to ISO 9001:1994 in the year 2000.

Project Brief:
AWAN India in conjunction with Impulse Enterprises successfully designed and installed an advanced Professional Audio(PA) system for MSRIT’s college auditorium with legendary audio brands like TOA.

Product USP:
Audio visual equipment installed in the college auditorium included TOA’s compact array speakers (HX-5W) in FOH, TOA’s subwoofer speaker (FB-120W), TOA’s monitor speakers HS-150B, TOA’s panel cone speakers as delay speakers (F-2352C) which were integrated and connected through digital signal processor Drive Rack 260 which consists of 2 input and 6 output, from which all the outputs – left, right, left surround, right surround and subwoofers – are integrated through Drive Rack 260.

For speech programs and cultural performances, all the microphones in the auditorium are connected to the Allen & Heath ZED Mixer. From the mixer, left and right outputs go through the Drive Rack 260 and power amplifiers, to the speakers to achieve the best optimized sound setup for both speech and cultural performances. All the cabling for audio and visual System was done using high quality Belden cables.

MSRIT College authorities wanted a cost effective solution for the auditorium to be used for educational video shows, as well as a venue for cultural performances. As the Auditorium was located on the sixth floor of the college, achieving optimal sound coverage across the audience without any leakage onto other areas was a daunting challenge. The audio was designed in a way that addressed this specific concern.

System Integrator:
AWAN India Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 2007 AWAN is a Bangalore based System Integrator with a rich experience in providing turnkey conference and audio visual solution for corporate, education and govt. institutions.

Quick Facts:
List of products used in the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology Auditorium…

Model Number DESC
TOA / HX-5B FOH Speakers
TOA / HY-PF1B Interconnectors for FOH speakers
TOA / HY-CN1B Interconnectors for FOH speakers
TOA / FB-120W Subwoofer Speakers
TOA / F-2352C Panel Cone Speakers
TOA / HS-150B Monitor Speakers
TOA / WS-200 Wireless Handled Microphone
TOA / WS-300 Wireless Lapel Microphone
TOA / DM-524S Dynamic Microphone
TOA / ST-73A Dynamic Microphone stand
TOA / DM-1300 Wired Microphone
QSC / RMX-2450 Power Amplifier
QSC / RMX-5050 Power Amplifier
QSC / RMX-4050 Power Amplifier
Drive Rack / Dbx-260 Drive rack 260 2 input 6 output
ALLEN & HEATH / GL2400 Mixer

Client’s Testimonial:
The performance of the audio-visual system has been a delight with highly controlled sound with even coverage across all audience areas. Secretary of the college appreciated the performance of the audio visual installation and congratulated Mr. Durgaprasad (Impulse enterprises), Mr.Prasad E.S. (AWAN) and Mr. Sreenath (AWAN) for the entire design and Support for Audio Visual Installation process.

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