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Case Study: No Limits Lounge


Clients Name:No Limits Lounge Bar, Bangalore

About Client:
No Limits is a new-age concept lounge bar in central Bangalore, designed by Bangalore-based architect Raghavendra. The brand new Lounge & Club in the middle of Bangalore city has quickly become a hot-spot for the youth to spend a rocking evening. Srinivas, the owner of No Limits, approached AWAN to provide an integrated audio visual system for the Club and Lounge Bar.

Project Brief:
The owner wanted the audio visual to match and accentuate the modern decor and ambiance of the lounge. The technical team from AWAN spent days on the property, and addressed the smallest of details to ensure that the system delivers flawless sound quality to engage the crowd.

Product USP:
For the main dance floor area, AWAN suggested DBsound Pro Series 12’’ line array, dual 18’’ Subwoofers and 12’’ Multipurpose speakers for the side fills.

The project offered some unique challenges. Speaker arrangement had to be designed in such a way that all areas including the VIP Lounge, eliminate ‘dead spots’ and ‘echoes’. The acoustical parameters were carefully designed to ensure that all starry frequencies passing through the room get absorbed or diffused. The perfection in audio has been achieved by controlled reverberation time, avoiding large flat areas by adding anti-focusing elements, so that the listener does not experience any loss of sound level or clarity across the venue.

System Integrator:
AWAN India Pvt Ltd: Founded in 2007, AWAN is a Bangalore based System Integrator with rich experience in providing turn-key conference and audio visual solution for corporate, education and government institutions.

Quick Facts:

Model Number DESC
DB Sound/ LA122V FOH Speakers for Dance Floor
DB Sound/ LA122V Bumper Interconnectors for FOH speakers
DB Sound/ LA122V Pin Interconnectors for FOH speakers
DB Sound/ SUB218 Subwoofer Speakers
DB Sound/ FR12B1 Multi Purpose Speakers for side fills
TOA / DM-1300 Wired Microphone
DB Sound / DB-2000 Power Amplifier
DB Sound / DB-1200 Power Amplifier
DB Sound / DB-900 Power Amplifier
BBE Audio / D2-26 BBE Sound DS-26 2 input 6 output
Pioneer / CDJ-900 / DJM-800 CD Player & Mixer

Client Testimonial:
“The entire project and integration was smoothly planned and delivered within schedule by the AWAN team,” said Mr.Srinivas from No Limits, pleased with our install.